Covid 19


While Covid-19 is a new risk, our approach to it is not. GFS Risk’s tried and tested methodology and experience with other epidemics such as Ebola has already proven essential in assisting clients to return to work safely during the Covid-19 pandemic.   


We offer one-off or 360-degree Covid-19 solutions for businesses, with retainer arrangements available. Services include: 


  • Covid-19 risk assessment: identifies and assesses the risks of Covid-19 to your business and provides recommendations on the policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines (PPPGs) for mitigating and managing them. 

  • Covid-19 risk management plan: contains the Covid-19 PPPGs recommended in your risk assessment and tailored to your business. 

  • Covid-19 safety officer: expert health safety officers deployed to your business to develop and implement your Covid-19 PPPGs. 

  • Covid-19 consultancy: we review your existing Covid-19 PPPGs and make recommendations for their improvement and implementation. 

  • Covid-19 training: provides essential knowledge and skills to your health safety team, responsible persons and employees on how to keep safe while continuing business. 

  • Covid-19 contact tracing: accurate and reliable contact tracing solutions through our OverWatch™ operations room.