Covid 19


Let us help you get back on set. 

We provide Risk Assessments, Plans, Training, Back to Work Induction and Safety Officers. We monitor the ongoing risk and provide policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines (P,P,P,G) for Covid-19. We are here to assist you back into business.

GFS Covid-19 services include:

- Covid-19 Safety Officer - implementation and oversight of Covid-19 Plan & PPPG.

- Risk Assessment

- Covid-19 Plan

- Policies, Procedures, Protocols & Guidelines (PPPG)

- Covid-19 Risk Review

- Contact Tracing services via GFS's 24/7 OverWatch™ Operations Room

- Online Training, Webinars, Induction Videos, Safety Officer on call.

GFS offers full retainer services and can supply a 360 degree solution, so you can get back into production, safely and responsibly. 

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