The placement of our highly-qualified and experienced GFS Security Consultants can assist you to reduce risks and protect you or your company.


Our people are drawn from military and law enforcement backgrounds, with many years operating in the commercial sector - they understand exactly what is necessary to keep your people and your assets secure. They will integrate with you to develop the most appropriate security strategies, ensuring that your project can operate securely across any location - from petty crime hotspots to conflict zones.





Personal or professional, we can perform any investigation. Our team come from police and military backgrounds and we ensure discretion and results. 

As part of our investigative team or as a stand alone project. We can conduct any level of surveillance using the latest technology to deliver detailed reports on your subject matter.  

That gut feeling you have is worth looking into, our team will dive deep into any uncertainty and provide you with a clarity you need to make a informed decison. 

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