You travel safe in the knowledge that OverWatch™ is providing assurance that you are informed with up to date information, and the appropriate level of support and response is available at all times.


OverWatch™ monitors travellers’ geographical environments. OverWatch notifies a traveller of events which occur in their geographical environment.


OverWatch™ provides responses to match the local threats, the client’s and the traveller’s risk profiles and their budget. 


OverWatch™ will confirm a client’s wellbeing, and relay their status to parent organization.


Geopolitical, terrorism, crime, weather and natural disasters are monitored in client locations.  Where an event could affect a client, OverWatch™ notifies them.


Clients have the ability to notify OverWatch™ need for assistance, through an in-app panic alarm. OverWatch will inform the parent organization of the alarm activation.


Assistance and advice to clients who indicate that they require it, through their response to an incident alert, or through the activation of a panic alarm.


Daily intelligence situation reports are issued based on the client’s current main location.


Based locally, or within the region, in order to provide appropriate on the ground support as required.  Response time will be commensurate with local and regional risks.


Qualified SECURITY, SAFETY, MEDICAL risk management consultant(s) to accompany the client to manage the risks on location.


OverWatch™ command and control centre will manage the response of the risk management consultants.  OverWatch will provide the risk management consultants with situation awareness information and communicate with third parties including and not limited to emergency services, embassies, parent organisation and next of kin.

OverWatch™ provides  the individual traveller and their employer with peace of mind. 

OverWatch™ monitors travellers and events globally. 

Where travellers and events coincide,  OverWatch™ provides the appropriate warnings, support and responses, and ensures all stakeholders are updated accordingly.

OverWatch™ provides a variety of bespoke service levels which are tailored to the traveller’s destination’s hazard and risk profile, and the client’s needs.


OverWatch™ employs the highest calibre team, from diverse backgrounds.  The diversity of backgrounds, qualifications and experience complement each other to provide detailed knowledge of threats and appropriate responses, and the ability to manage complex crises.


The team is multinational, has global experience with security, risk management, legal and medical backgrounds.  The team has previously worked for government agencies and departments, various militaries, including tier 1 special forces, intelligence agencies, various police forces and law enforcement, the United Nations and the commercial sector.


OverWatch™ deploys qualified consultants to accompany travellers where the traveller’s profile, environment and situation require an immediate ability to identify and mitigate local risks.  Consultants provide security, medical and safety expertise. OverWatch™ sets the highest international recognized competency standards in all areas of expertise and requires its consultants to meet and apply them rigorously. 



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