Security Risk Management Policy

GFS Risk provides security risk consultancy services to its global corporate clients.  We develop physical security risk management strategies, policies and procedures, to enable organisations to effectively assess and manage their security risks.

Security risk management policies provide clarity to allow the security infrastructure and procedures to contribute towards the overall aims of the organisation. Without this clarity, security can be inefficient or hinder the organisation's ability to generate competitive advantage.

We offer a fully comprehensive service, from identifying and analysing risks, auditing the effectiveness of current security practices, through to developing evidence-based security strategies, policies and procedures that meet with clients’ operational requirements.

Security Risk Assessments

Security risk assessments feature in all security risk management strategies.  GFS Risk provides a variety of security risk assessment services:


Security risk assessment methodologies

Regional, country and city security risk profiles

Site security risk assessment and surveys

Terrorism and insurgency threat reports

High profile personality/individual security risk assessment


GFS Risk utilises a variety of open and closed sources to develop its products.  

Physical Security

GFS Risk provides impartial advice on the development of physical and technology security solutions. 

Physical security should be developed to integrate with other security systems and procedures.  These are most efficient and effective if developed together rather than in isolation to each other, and built into the environment of the premises or site.

GFS Risk is not a security hardware or technology supplier.  

Security Audits

GFS Risk provides corporate and individual clients with a review of their current and existing security arrangements. 

The review always considers the threats and ensures that security risk management policies, infrastructure and procedures are commensurate and proportionate to that threat. 

GFS Risk audits will highlight any vulnerabilities in existing measures, but will also identify any inefficiencies or excesses in security infrastructure and procedures.  

Penetration Testing and Red Teaming

As part of a security audit, or as a stand alone service, GFS Risk can mount penetration testing or red teaming operations against a client. 

These are designed to physically test a client’s existing security risk management systems and procedures.


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