Executive Protection

GFS Risk provides highly qualified and experienced executive protection teams to support clients who are operating in high risk environments or whose profiles require additional risk management provisions.

GFS Risk executive protection teams are licenced to operate in New Zealand and elsewhere, and provide clients with a personalised service tailored to their requirements and the threat environment.  Our teams can operate with a highly visible profile or maintain a more discreet approach.

GFS Risk executive protection teams are supported by GFS Risk’s global command and control centre, OverWatch.  OverWatch provides the teams with on the ground global and local situational awareness and is connected by the latest communication systems. 

GFS Risk executive protection teams provide New Zealand and worldwide services to corporate clients, sports teams and high net worth or high profile individuals. 

Embedded Security and Safety Consultants

GFS Risk provides consultants to enable our clients manage risks, and to develop internal capability for long term projects. Our consultants are fully supported by our back office capabilities to develop security and safety at remote and challenging project locations.

Event Security

GFS Risk provides a dedicated security management team for high profile and large scale events.  The security management team will develop an integrated approach to manage the security and safety risks associated with hosting an event. 

The team will provide, implement and manage a holistic plan to the event, integrating the security infrastructure, crowd control, police and emergency services with any security requirements of celebrities’ or sport teams’ security risk management requirements. 


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