GFS Risk provides individuals and corporate clients assurance that they can travel safely. Our range of best practice policy and practical solutions ensure that travellers are well prepared to mitigate and manage their travel risks. We offer a variety of bespoke service levels which are tailored to the traveller’s destination hazards and risk profile. 

All of our services are supported by our OverWatch™ operations room, which is a command and control centre for tracking personnel, providing situational awareness information, managing the response of our consultants on the ground, and communicating with clients and third parties, such as emergency services, embassies, employers, and next of kin.   

Travel Risk Management Policy

We advocate for all organizations to operate effective travel risk management policies and can develop these for clients on their behalf. At a minimum, the policies should identify the level of acceptable risk the organization is willing to expose its employees to while travelling, a travel risk assessment, and how it will manage the travel risks when employees are travelling abroad or within their country of origin. 

Travel Tracking and Monitoring 

Our monitoring and tracking services are proactive measures to maintain client safety while travelling. OverWatch™ tracks a traveller’s location and monitors global activity to provide: 

  • Wellbeing status: regular confirmation of the traveller’s wellbeing sent to their employer or next of kin. 

  • Sitreps: daily situation reports sent to traveller with intelligence on their current location. 

  • Travel alerts: immediate warnings sent to traveller of any new or increased geopolitical, terrorist, criminal, weather, or natural disaster threats in their current and planned locations. 

Travel Alarm

Our in-application panic alarm allows clients to instantaneously notify OverWatch™ and their employer or next of kin of their need for assistance and triggers an agreed travel assistance response. 

Travel Assistance 

Our global network of consultants are available to respond to travel alarms or, when risks are high, accompany and protect clients during their travel: 

  • Response team: locally or regionally-based security specialists providing appropriate, on-the-ground support within a response time commensurate to the level of local and regional risk. 

  • Embedded consultant: qualified security, safety, and medical consultants who accompany and manage a client’s risks while travelling.